A traditional restaurant in the heart of Oslo.

A cultural institution

Lorry is one of Oslo’s oldest restaurants, with a history dating back to the 1870’s. The place has been run by the same family for over 60 years through three generations.

Our waiters have a profound respect for their profession, wearing long serving aprons and white shirts with colourful bow ties. And of course, a big smile.
With its casual atmosphere and unique interior, Lorry has become a natural meeting point for locals, as well as an attraction for visitors. Here, just a stone’s throw away from the Royal Palace, you can enjoy a traditional lunch or dinner in quiet surroundings — and experience the buzzing nightlife of Oslo just hours later. Meny
As you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by exotic animals, unique artwork and rare objects.

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Food and drinks

Lorry has varied menu with traditional Norwegian dishes – always served in generous portions.

Choose from 12 varieties of draft beer, including Brooklyn lager, Brooklyn east India pale ale, Kronenburg blanc, Spitfire Kentish ale and Guinness – as well as the Norwegian classics Kinn, Ringnes Pils and Frydenlund Bayer.

Explore Lorry

We encourage you to go exploring. Through the restaurant and bar on the first floor, up the stairs to the second floor and our provencal smoking terrace.

Lorry 60
Have a cigarette or enjoy the flower-filled surroundings on our second floor terrace.
Lorry 71
Our giraffe is one of many exotic animals you’ll stumble upon as you explore the restaurant. Only one of our animals are fake. Can you find it?
Lorry 16
The eclectic interior and casual atmosphere is what makes Lorry so special.